Cleveland in 1905, the year our alumni chapter was chartered, was considered the Silicon Valley of the industrial era with some of the best steel, chemical and industrial companies in the world lead by some of the biggest names in American industry. In this environment, it is no surprise that the Alumni chapter met monthly at the prestigious Union Club located on Euclid Avenue. Many of the brothers were graduates of East Coast and state universities.


By the 1950s, Cleveland was at the height of its industrial economy with more Fortune 500 companies located here than in any other city outside of New York. The alumni chapter meetings had migrated to the Engineering Society located in the Standard Building on Public Square. Many of the members at this time were engineering and technical graduates of local and state universities.

By the late 70’s, much of Cleveland’s population had moved to the suburbs and industry was leaving the area. A decision was made by the brotherhood to leave the Engineering Society and travel down Euclid Avenue to the University Club. Membership ebbed and waned over the coming decades and by the late 80’s the chapter existed in name only.


In the 1990’s Zeta Lambda alumni Joe Gross and Don Stallard reached out to other brothers with the intent of reigniting the chapter. Meetings were held infrequently at brothers’ homes until membership reached a point where it became feasible to find a local watering hole for our monthly meeting.

Since 2010 we have met every second Thursday of the month at the Prosperity Social Club in Tremont. Alumni brothers come from all over Northeast Ohio to share dinner, a drink, and the bonds of brotherhood. Chapter membership includes brothers from chapters of local universities as well as a significant number of alumni from chapters throughout the country.